Thanks to William S. Chase  for the excellent website and information on his grandfather

Levi Chase, The Fighting Commander!

Have you ever wondered why the Cortland County airport is called

                                                        Chase Field?

  • It is named after General Levi Chase, who was one of America's most highly decorated fighter pilots.  
  • Levi Chase flew in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, including over 500 combat missions. 
  • Levi Chase was awarded countless medals and decorations, including 3 Silver Stars for valor in combat.
  • His many aerial victories were achieved in P 40s and P 51s, in North Africa and Southeast Asia. 
  • Hometown:  Cortland, NY.
  • ​Born 1917, Deceased 1994.
  • Graduated Cortland High School 1936.
  • Attended Syracuse University 1937 - 1940.
  • Attended Albany Law School 1946 - 1949.
  • ​Enlisted as a private 1941.  Retired as a Major General 1973.
  • Double Air Ace (12 Aerial Victories).  
  • March 1945 downed by enemy fire in Burma behind enemy lines. ​                                          Read the story in his own words here.
  • Please visit the website The Fighting Commander for fascinating info on General Chase.

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