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​* For information or questions contact Jim Spaller.     607-662-4505


* While we will do everything possible to assure the details are as stated, sometimes we have no control. We will do our best to have the warbirds, the helicopters, the food, etc as stated, we have no control over the weather, and any other conditions. The rain date for the airfest is

Sunday, July 22.

   July 19         (Day before Airfest) 



                   8 - 11 am. Breakfast is served. $9.  Hairy Tony's from downtown Cortland will be catering.

                                          Coffee is from Coffee Mania. 

​                           10:00 am     Wings Seminar -   FUN FLYING WITH TOTAL CONTROL. Stay proficient for fun and safe flying: avoid loss of control problems!   Info and Register HERE

Speaker: Mr. David St. George FAASTeam Representative, CFI      


                     11:30 am    BBQ - various items and prices

                      1:00 pm     NEW THIS YEAR - WE ARE RAFFLING OFF 3 SEATS ON THE WWII C-47 WHISKEY 7.                                               WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS (3) OF THE RIDE IN THE C-47 AT 1:00 PM.  

                                        BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR $5 EACH OR 5 TICKETS FOR $20. This is a $95 value. 

                      2:00 pm     The winners of the raffle will get their ride on the C-47-

                                        This is the actual plane that flew parachuters in the D Day Invasion.

                  ALL DAY  

  • General Levi Chase Display. Check out this informative link about Levi Chase - Visit the website   The Fighting Commander here.
  • Display presented by CNY Living History Museum.  Get more info HERE about the museum.
  • The 99's (Women Pilots) will have a display and answer questions.  An article about the Ninety-Nines is  HERE. 
  • Fly In
  • Warbird Display - WWII C-47 and a T-6
  • 2016 Cirrus Aircraft Display by manufacturer
  • Town of Cortlandville Fire Truck display.
  • 1959 Mack Truck - restored and owned by Alnye Trucking
  • Warbird Rides (charge)   Sign up here for aride in the C47
  • Airplane Rides (charge)​ - $30
  • Helicopter Rides (charge) - $30
  • Von Barnes Band play